Frequently Asked Questions

What is the username?

Usually, its your email address. If you have updated your email address on your account though, or had an account with us for a long time, it may be something other than your current email address. You can contact us through our contact-us forms and we can help figure that out for you.

Why are videos using more data than before?

Our connection is much faster now and sometimes video streaming services such as Netflix or YouTube will stream in higher picture quality. These streams look great but use a lot more of your service. In order to user less data and watch a lower picture quality stream try the following.

Why did the site change?

A host of reasons, the big one being, you can now use the service in Akutan, which required a pretty significant change to our system. We will be expanding this to serve OptimERA high speed access throughout the Aleutian chain between now and 2020. Other reasons included, updates to make mobile devices a little easier to use, and we made a few improvements to some of the account information. If there is a feature you liked missing, or that you cannot find, please use the contact us form and we will try to accomodate feature requests.

The website is broken or is not working properly.

Please use the contact us form and let us know. Often features are just put in a different place than you're expecting, but we currently support about 60 different devices, and once in a while we fail to catch one missbehaving. If we don't know you're having trouble, we can't help, so shoot us a message!