About OptimERA WiFi

OptimERA WiFi - Hotpsot service brings high-speed Internet to your phone or device. OptimERA WiFi is prepaid so you never get charged for overages. Speeds up to 10Mbps/3Mbps!



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  OptimERA WiFi can be purchased online or at local retailers.

Dedicated Connections

OptimERA WiFi also offers dedicated connections for your business or location. To inquire about an install please use our contact form and one of our techs will contact you during regular business hours.

Our rates are currently available in this downloadable PDF document.
Download Optimera dedicated Internet service rates sheet

Dedicated Rates

TierDownload RateUpload RateBurstable RatePrice per Month
4128 Kbps128 Kbps1 Mbps$195.00
4256 Kbps256 Kbps1 Mbps$390.00
4384 Kbps384 Kbps1 Mbps$585.00
3512 Kbps512 Kbps2 Mbps$710.00
3640 Kbps640 Kbps2 Mbps$887.00
3768 Kbps768 Kbps2 Mbps$1,065.00
3896 Kbps896 Kbps2 Mbps$1,242.00
21 Mbps1 Mbps2 Mbps$1,280.00
22 Mbps1 Mbps4 Mbps$2,560.00
23 Mbps1 Mbps6 Mbps$3,840.00
24 Mbps1 Mbps8 Mbps$5,120.00
25 Mbps1.5 Mbps10 Mbps$6,400.00
16 Mbps1.8 Mbps12 Mbps$6,840.00
18 Mbps2.4 Mbps16 Mbps$9,120.00
110 Mbps3 Mbps20 Mbps$11,400.00
120 Mbps10 Mbps40 Mbps$22,800.00
130 Mbps15 Mbps50 Mbps$34,200.00
140 Mbps20 Mbps50 Mbps$45,600.00
150 Mbps25 Mbps50 Mbps$57,000.00

Valid through December 2021. Prices subject to change on a contract basis. Service requires 1 year contract.

General Service Rates

Hotspot unit installs - $150.00

General dedicated service - $150.00 per hour.